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I hope your enjoying our album so far. When I wrote these songs, I always imagined how the people I was writing about looked, acted and felt. The songs and movie really come down to empathy for me. The opening of the movie has a title, ‘Be Me A Little.’

What kind of world could we have if everyone would put their selves in someone else’s shoes? A better one I’d venture to say. I’d really love for you to check out the film and see another side of the songs from LOST VEGAS HIWAY.

We’ve put together a nice package with more music and a high quality shirt!

As you’re aware, there are a lot of artists in the film, Hal Ketchum, Jack Ingram, Gurf Morlix, Robyn Ludwick plus 11 others! All of them were very kind and all gave a track of theirs for a very limited compilation CD, THE ARTISTS OF LOST VEGAS HIWAY. There are 15 tracks on the album, including my song Townes, which is about the late great Townes VanZandt and it plays during the credits of the film. Based on peoples feedback, this will easily become a go to CD for you in the car bumming around. Plus! We’ve got these really nice quality shirts, made by Next Level, that feel great on. Not one of those crappy t shirts that feel like cheap cardboard, but a shirt you’ll like to wear.



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