A lonely desert highway stretched out for miles, the sun’s setting, you’re tired. A neon vacancy sign flickers on the road side. You pull in but realize your only four songs deep into Lost Vegas Hiway, even though it’s the 4th time through. You check your face in the rear view and spit a little gravel on the road. The faint sounds of Jeff Mix and The Songhearts fade into the crisp night air. The motel manager watches as your taillights fade into the distance, he closes the window and slides back down into his worn office chair.

We want to be that album. Download two songs from Jeff Mix and The Songhearts debut album and film, (yes we made a gritty film too) Lost Vegas Hiway for FREE! Is it any good? A lot of people seem to think so.

Jeff Mix captures the lowdown Vegas vibe. The human condition. Universal. Life, at street level. Pure.-Gurf Morlix

“an ambitious companion piece to his debut album of the same name, the hour-long independent film Lost Vegas Hiway follows a handful of disparate dreamers and down-and-outers” – Richard Skanse, Lone Star Music Magazine

“Jeff Mix has written a film that mirrors his tunes: gritty, homespun, world-weary in places yet ultimately defined by a hard-fought resolve.” – Jason Bracelin, Las Vegas Review Journal

Jeff Mix’s writing boils down to empathy. Giving those overlooked people a voice and a story that, if you’d stop and hear where they’ve been, you’d cut them slack. So if you’re a fan of Mellancamp, Springsteen or Petty, along with the country side of rock and roll, well written songs, then Jeff Mix and The Songhearts is a must have for your collection on your next road trip across the desert, even if it’s only in your mind.

For a limited time Jeff is giving away two tracks from his Lost Vegas Hiway.

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