Lost Vegas Hiway is a collection of songs about the down and out souls, on the seedy side of Vegas. These are their stories and these might be your songs…

…the Gateway Motel neon’s a buzzin. We’ve got a couple of free songs, complimentary of course, with your stay. By the way, please be sure to check out what others have had to say about their night with us…


“Jeff Mix has written a film that mirrors his tunes: gritty, homespun, world-weary in places yet ultimately defined by a hard-fought resolve.” – Jason Bracelin, Las Vegas Review Journal

“an ambitious companion piece to his debut album of the same name, Lost Vegas Hiway follows a handful of disparate dreamers and down-and-outers” – Richard Skanse, Lone Star Music Magazine

“Jeff Mix captures the lowdown Vegas vibe. The human condition. Universal. Life, at street level. Pure.”-Gurf Morlix
Jeff Mix’s day job of selling real estate brought him face to face with a conman client, who in turn, inspired an album full of stories of shady people at a dive motel. Jeff Mix’s writing tells their stories, from their perspective. It’ll give you the listener, a chance to walk in their shoes and through their stories, you may learn you’re not the only one hurting.

So if you’re a fan of Springsteen, Isbell or Petty, and well written songs, then the debut album from Jeff Mix and The Songhearts is a must have for your collection. It’ll be your best companion for that next stretch of lonely highway, even if the trip’s all in your mind.

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So draw the shades, drown out the night, and settle in on the Lost Vegas Hiway.