Lost Vegas Hiway Trailer

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Here’s a couple reviews from Amazon from real people.

5 Stars  “Lost Vegas Hiway explores the wide shared human afflictions of grief, love, and a desperate need to connect. Jeff Mix leads as we peer into the interesting and ever diverse lives of the guests of the Gateway Motel, a sordid and all but forgotten inn in Las Vegas, Nevada. A few unexpected twists will hold you captivated. With music that stays with you long after the credits roll, Jeff Mix brings the original tunes of Jeff Mix and the Songhearts to life with one brilliantly scored film.”

5 Stars  “This moody little film serves as a great introduction to the infectious roots rock of Jeff Mix. The collection of loose storylines carries with it a (perhaps unintentional) reminder that we’re all dealing with our own drama, so have some compassion and empathy. Great acting and production, yes. But those songs are what really makes this film so enjoyable.”

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