Are you into artists like Jason Isbell, because he gives a shit about the songs he writes? Jeff Mix’s debut album and movie, Lost Vegas Hiway, is all about the down and out people of a dive motel. Jeff Mix cares about these songs.

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Listen to what others are saying about Jeff Mix and The Songhearts debut album!

“an ambitious companion piece to his debut album of the same name, the hour-long independent film Lost Vegas Hiway follows a handful of disparate dreamers and down-and-outers” – Richard Skanse, Lone Star Music Magazine

Jeff Mix captures the lowdown Vegas vibe. The human condition. Universal. Life, at street level. Pure.-Gurf Morlix

“Jeff Mix has written a film that mirrors his tunes: gritty, homespun, world-weary in places yet ultimately defined by a hard-fought resolve.” – Jason Bracelin, Las Vegas Review Journal

Jeff Mix’s writing boils down to empathy. Giving those overlooked people a voice and a story that, if you’d stop and hear where they’ve been, you’d cut them slack. So if you’re a fan of Mellancamp, Springsteen or Petty, along with the country side of rock and roll, well written songs, then Jeff Mix and The Songhearts is a must have for your collection on your next road trip across the desert, even if it’s only in your mind.

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